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Personal Financial Planning Certificate

Want to earn your CFP® Certification? Start with UD.

The CFP® Professional Certificate Program at the University of Dallas was developed with working professionals in mind. As a CFP Board Registered Program, we provide comprehensive instruction with an emphasis on quality client service. This is an accelerated graduate level program where you will complete all classes in under a year's time. 

We have successfully helped 100+ student complete our education program. 

Join us for an information session about our 2023 CFP Certificate Programs (February or June start schedules).

Information Session Date: (Click on the session you wish to attend to RSVP.) 

You will hear a short presentation about our program, and be able to talk with our staff and faculty about the CFP certification or specific questions about the classes.

Course Schedule: June 2022 through April 2023 (Online Live Program)

Modality: Online Live - you will attend class online with a live instructor. 

Class Times: Fridays 5:30-9:30pm & Saturdays 8:30-5:30pm

Location: Online Live Sessions utilizing UD's LMS.

Download the full 2022-2023 class schedule here. (June 2022 - April 2023)

Students will be eligible to sit for the July 2023 CFP Exam.

Please click here to read a public disclosure about this program.

Course Schedule: February - November 2023 (Online Live Program)  

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Online Live Sessions - open to all students
Time: Fridays 5:30-9:30pm & Saturdays 8:30-5:30pm
Modality / Location: Online Live Sessions

Schedule: Full 2023 schedule available here. (February - November 2023)
Students will be eligible to sit for the March 2024 CFP Exam.

Please click here to read a public disclosure about this program.

Registration Deadline: February 9, 2023 or to capacity of 20 students.

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Course Schedule: June 2023 - April 2024 (Online Live Program)

Sign up now to take the first step towards earning your CFP® certification!

Online Live Sessions - open to all students
Time: Fridays 5:30-9:30pm & Saturdays 8:30-5:30pm
Modality / Location: Online Live Sessions

Schedule: Full 2023-2024 schedule available here. (June 2023  - April 2024)
Students will be eligible to sit for the July 2024 CFP Exam.

Please click here to read a public disclosure about this program.

Registration Deadline: May 19, 2023 or to capacity of 20 students.

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Digital Badge: Personal Financial Planning

Digital badge image - personal financial planningStudents who successfully complete the entire accelerated graduate level program (classes FP100 – FP700) will earn the Personal Financial Planning Certificate digital badge. This badge is issued by the University of Dallas.

Earners of this badge understand how to approach personal finances ethically and holistically, including all aspects of financial planning; including general principles of financial planning, ethical and professional conduct, personal risk management with insurance planning, retirement strategies which including savings, investments, and income planning, income tax planning, estate management, and most importantly how to bring these elements together into a comprehensive and actionable  road map for their clients. Badge earners have shown they are experts in all aspects personal financial planning.

How to earn: Successfully complete all seven classes (FP100 - FP700) including all assignments, tests, and final exam; create and present a financial plan; attend 273 hours of instructor led training.

This badge shows students have successfully completed a CFP Board registered program.

What is a digital badge?

More advanced than a certificate, a digital badge is a micro-credential that contains detailed information about the learning experience and the knowledge gained.  It is shareable across the Internet, including LinkedIn, on a personal resume or CV. Each badge comes with searchable meta-data linked to an individual and the earned badge, and your accomplishment can be verified and recognized internationally by employers and hiring managers.

How to Earn the Digital Badge:

Completion of this program allows students to earn the Certificate in Financial Planning, and the student’s completion is also submitted to the CFP Board as verification the student has completed a CFP Board approved and registered program. This education verification completes one of the criteria a student must meet to sit for the Certified Financial Planner™ exam. 

Students with prior coursework from other institutions can still earn this certificate. UD requires a student to complete five of the seven classes within our program, which includes FP700 (CFP Case Study/Capstone). Please note: Students with prior coursework from other registered programs can earn the badge; however, they are required to submit their own education coursework completion to the CFP Board themselves.

University of Dallas does not issue the CFP® certification. 

Why Become a CFP® Certified Professional? 

The CFP Board has conducted surveys with CFP® certified professionals and investors highlighting the value of certification in the field of finance. Visit their webpage for more information on the value of the CFP certification.

Scholarship Opportunities

The New Kitces CFP Certification Scholarship List was created to help individuals pursuing their CFP certification. UD has no affiliation with any of these scholarship opportunities, the information is provided as a resource to our students.

Link to scholarship webpage:

CFP Course Descriptions

The program curriculum consists of six required courses and one Capstone review course that delivers information about areas in financial planning for both beginning and established practitioners.

Required courses in UD's certificate program include:

  • FP100: General Principles

This course is designed to introduce students to the financial planning process. The course focuses on the general principles required to become a successful financial planner which include the ethics of the profession as well as the knowledge and skills required to prepare a financial plan. 

  • FP200: Insurance Planning

This course is designed to acquaint students with the principles of risk management and various types of insurance including casualty, fire, health, life, auto, home, disability. The principles taught prepare students to identify a client's risk exposure and select appropriate risk management techniques. 

  • FP300: Investment Planning

This course introduces the wide variety of investment vehicles that may be included in a client's portfolio. Topics include client assessment, tax considerations, economic factors, valuation methods, asset allocation techniques, portfolio performance evaluation, and more.

  • FP400: Income Tax

This course emphasizes the fundamentals of individual income taxation, the tax implications of various types of businesses, tax-advantaged investments, employee compensation issues and planning, alternative minimum tax, tax traps, and more.

  • FP500: Retirement Planning

This course provides a complete overview of retirement planning including retirement savings need analysis, qualified retirement plan design, Social Security, Medicare, and more. In addition, group life, health, and disability insurance; non-qualified deferred compensation; and other commonly provided employee benefits are examined.

  • FP600: Estate Planning

This course covers planning and managing federal estate and gift tax planning and opportunities. The perspectives of a variety of parties are considered including heirs, fiduciaries, estates, trusts, beneficiaries, donors, and donees. Topics include asset valuation, estate tax deductions, exemptions and credits. Significant time is given to the transfer of amount at death and the dispositive tools available to clients.

  • FP700: CFP Case Study/Capstone

This course builds upon the material in the above courses. Emphasis is on the applications of financial planning concepts in an integrated planning environment. This "capstone-like" course utilizes case studies and mini-cases to tie together the various discipline studied in the individual prior courses into a comprehensive financial planning process. 

 Tuition & Fees


The program cost includes $5600 in tuition and course materials for seven classes (EXE FP100 - EXE FP700) plus $195 CFP Board Completion Submission Fee. The $195 fee will be billed with the final course (EXE FP700: CFP Capstone). The cost of the exam is not included in our tuition fees.


  • $800 per class (includes course materials)
  • $5,600 is the total tuition cost for seven classes in the program

Payment for each class is due a minimum of ten-days prior to the first day of class. UD bills for one class at a time, unless requested otherwise. 


Starting in 2023, the CFP Board will charge a $195 Per Capita Fee for every student reported by the school through the education verification system. Registered programs are required to submit completion of the coursework requirement through their  education verification system for any student who has successfully completed the full registered program through their institution. This is a pass through fee which the University will collect and pay to the CFP Board.

The $195 Per Capita Fee will be charged to all students who are completing the program. This fee will be added to the Capstone (EXE FP700) course invoice. The fee must be paid before the University can submit your coursework requirement to the CFP Board. 

Exceptions: Students will not be charged the Per Capita Fee when:

  • Student complete only the Capstone course. Students must self-report to CFP Board.
  • Students who attend multiple registered programs must self-report course completion certificates/transcripts to the CFP Board.

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Course Materials

  • All course registration fees include a National Underwriter textbook and an additional Zahn workbook.
  • A financial calculator is also required for class and it is the responsibility of the student to provide their own calculator.


Sean Britt, CFPSean Britt, CFP®, CLU®

Sean joined the financial services industry in 2012 at Fidelity Investments and then went on to work at Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor working with families and then spent some time at JPMorgan coaching and developing other Financial Advisors. In 2019, Sean moved to Charles Schwab as a Planning Consultant where he works with clients as a financial planner helping clients prioritize their goals, creating a plan for reaching them, and providing portfolio recommendations.

Sean holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) certification awarded by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc., and holds the Series 7 and 66 FINRA registrations as well as his Texas life, health and variable annuity insurance licenses. He is a graduate of Midwestern State University, with a BBA degree in Finance.

Sean is a native Texan, who, in his spare time, enjoys traveling with his wife, Kati. In addition to traveling, they enjoy spending time with family and their 3 pets. Sean is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Dallas and a member of FPA Dallas/Fort Worth.

Bryan Carlson, CFPBryan Carlson, CFP®

Bryan Carlson has over 16 years in the financial services industry. Currently Bryan works maintaining a book of high net worth client relationships. Bryan's primary focus includes specializing in managed accounts, while supporting his clients on various financial planning topics including retirement, estate and tax planning. 
Bryan Carlson earned his BBA in Finance from Texas A&M University in May 2000, and a MBA in Financial Services from the University of Dallas in December 2008. He currently holds the FINRA 7, 63, 66 and Texas Life & Health licenses in addition to obtaining the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification in 2016.  
Bryan is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Dallas and a member of FPA Dallas/Forth Worth.

Rodney Jarrell, CPA, CFPRodney Jarrell, MBA, CPA, CFP®

Rodney Jarrell, CPA, CFP®, IAR is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with Lakeview Financial Solutions and has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1981. After spending many years in the financial industry where he helped hundreds of people with their life plan, he moved into the retirement and college planning industry. Rodney became interested in retirement planning when more and more of his college planning clients started asking for help with their retirement plans. With diligent analysis and research he has helped many families navigate their way through the minefield of retirement planning.

Rodney Jarrell has both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. He has been married to his wife Janice for 46 years and has two children and one grandson. His daughter Kirsten is a Doctor of Audiology in Rowlett and his son Mark is an Integration Architect in Austin.

Rodney is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Dallas and an FPA member of Dallas/Fort Worth.

Stephen Stetz, CFPStephen Stetz, CFP®

Steve was born in Kansas and lived in Oklahoma before moving to Texas in 1992. He has worked for a leading financial services firm since 2011 where his goal is to empower and educate his clients. His current role focuses on fee based discretionary managed accounts. He partners with clients each day to help them determine an appropriate asset allocation for their investment portfolios, as well as create and sustain successful financial plans. Throughout his career in financial services, he has been consistently recognized for his performance and leadership. He has also served as a mentor to newer representatives where he helped his peers succeed in their role and increase their knowledge of the financial markets.

Steve became a CFP® professional in July 2014. Along with his certification he also holds the FINRA 7, 63, Texas Life & Health, and Texas Property & Casualty insurance licenses. He received a B.B.A. in Management in 2005 from Texas Tech University. After working for 3 years, he went back to attend graduate school in August of 2008 where he received an MBA and a Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning graduating in December 2010. 

He and his wife, Allison, have been married since 2007 and have 2 amazing sons, Mason and Jackson. Outside of work, Steve enjoys spending time with his family and attending their children’s many activities including baseball, soccer, and Cub Scouts.

Steve is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Dallas and teaches Live Review classes around the US. Steve is a member of FPA Dallas/Fort Worth.

Brandon Truitt, CFPBrandon Truitt, CFP®

Brandon worked at Fidelity Investments for 14 years in a variety of leadership roles focusing on workplace benefits and financial plan delivery. During his tenure there he helped launch their executive compensation group, workplace guidance department, and was in charge of operational execution for over 300 financial planning professionals. These teams address a myriad of investment issues specializing in employee benefits like DC plans, DB plans, investing products, accounts, and services. In addition to the CFP® designation, Brandon also holds the MPAS® and CRPC® designations. 

Brandon currently teaches in Dallas, but grew up in Austin, Texas. He attended McNeil High School as was recognized as a National Merit Scholar, National AP Scholar, and graduated top ten in his class. He earned his undergraduate degree studying English and Philosophy from Texas A&M University. There, he was recognized as a University Scholar and Lechner Scholar by the honor's department. Brandon also holds a Master's of Science in Personal Financial Planning and is currently working towards his FP&A™ designation specializing in corporate financial planning. 

In his spare time Brandon is a member of the Dallas Fort Worth FPA® chapter and likes to read, write, play tennis, and work on home improvement projects. He currently teaches live review classes and offers tutoring.

Brandon is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Dallas and teaches Live Review classes around the US. Brandon is a member of FPA Dallas/Fort Worth. 

Why our program?

Digital Badge Image - Personal Financial Planning

Earn a Personal Financial Planning Certificate  and digital badge issued by UD. Students who successfully complete our entire program (FP100 - FP700) will be issued a certificate and digital badge. 



  • UD is committed to help you complete the CFP Board coursework requirement in under 1-year.
  • Our instructors are industry professionals who have all earned their CFP® certification.
  • We have helped over 100 students pass the CFP® exam. 
  • Convenient Friday and Saturday class format, designed with the working professional in mind. 
  • Course materials are updated yearly, and included in the price of tuition. 
  • Certificate of Completion awarded to students who successfully complete all seven classes. 
  • Convenient online sessions with a live instructor.

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